Initial Stage Establishment

798CUBE Art Center is an exceptional architecture, located in the core area of Beijing 798 Art Zone, is designed and constructed in accordance with international professional standards and in line with the needs of large-scale international art exhibitions. It integrates fine art, education and diverse activities into the space.

The vision of 798CUBE is to create a diverse art landmark with high standards for 798 Art Zone, and promote international art exchange, cooperation and development. The architectural design of 798CUBE Art Center is presided by Zhu Pei, a famous architect, and funded by Beijing Seven Star Science and Technology Co., LTD.  It will be officially opened to the public in June 2020. It is worth mentioning that architectural design itself is also a great challenge. In the case of limited floor space, the architect focuses on expressing the concept of 'encirclement’ used in traditional Chinese quadrangle courtyard, which not only meets the needs of different functions of the Art Center, but also creates a more comfortable humanistic space. There is no lack of "breakthrough" design, for example, inside the 700 ㎡ He Yard consist a 9-meter rotatable light metal gate, which adopts a bold design and greatly enlivens the architecture itself and He Yard. Moreover, the 685 ㎡ exhibition hall on the first floor, with its fair-faced concrete wall poured as a whole, and its arched roof representing Bauhaus architectural style will also become the focus of attention.

The building area of 798CUBE Art Center is 3541㎡, including the exhibition halls on the ground floor and underground floor (with constant temperature and humidity control function), cooly designed He Yard, the multi-functional lecture hall, and the children’s art education space. There are also design & gift shop with rich activities and a more than 300 ㎡ café.

Development Process

CUBE team has the ability to combine all types of resources and advantages of all parties, and finally positioned Art Center’s first Five-Year Plan as a three-party, five-year long term cooperation between Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co., LTD, Musée National Picasso-Paris, and Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti in Paris. This project will be an unprecedented and creative cultural layout. The collaboration project grows from the increasing need of political and cultural exchanges between China and France, and holds a great expectation of international influence. In addition, due to the strong academic and artistic  influence of the two artists, Picasso and Giacometti, the business and profit model of 798CUBE Art Center can also be expected.

Future Goal

798CUBE Art Center is dedicated to present master artists level exhibitions, diversified performances, cultural and art related lectures, art courses and activities based on international recognized brand. To become a unique artistic life style generator.

The core goal of 798CUBE Art Center is to focus on professional presentation of international standard exhibition, to attract tourists and use art to better serve the public. On this basis, we are determined to expand the market, enhance the popularity and brand influence of 798CUBE. Combining with children art education’s market operation, design and gift shop collaboration, business cooperation with large brands and enterprises, we can create an innovative path of sustainable development with its own brand building as the core of operation.