About The Project

The role of contemporary art has increased globally as mar-kets and the role of cultural influence rapidly shift. China’sgrowth towards new ways of seeing and thinking, have given way to massive social media usership and love for new modesof consumption. Art worldwide has become more participato-ry and enthusiastic. Since 2011 China has become the world’s largest auction art market and artists from all over Asia are studying at art schools in Europe and the US in increasing proportions. Beijing and Shanghai’s contemporary art sceneshave blossomed with high quality private museums and artfairs capturing even larger public audiences. As a reflection, the Chinese art market is mirroring China’s new stance on thegeopolitical stage by embracing international contemporaryart. Equally important is that Chinese collectors have started taking seats as Boards of Trustees of major Western art insti-tutions. Influence, which used to flow one way is now fluid in both directions, East/West and West/East.

Beijing Art Summit recognizes that an increase in action is also a call for an increase in dialogue. Working for the bestpossible outcomes, this platform will be for hearty discus- sions on the range of substantial issues facing contemporary culture—both to exchange ideas, but also to challenge thoseideas in different contexts with art professionals from China and the international art community.