798 Children's Art Center

798 Children's Art Center was launched by 798 Qixing Group.Upon the foundation of 798 art district , it will establish a global platform for future children's art education and lead the innovation of global aesthetic education methods. With the core of “inspiring children to explore the world and know themselves”, we aim to build a world-class children's art gallery to help children grow.

798 children’s art center, which is located on 707 street in 798 art distrct, is expected to open to the public in 2021 with a area of more than 20000sq metres. The main building complex consists of children’s art museum, children’s picture book museum, children’s theatre and art ecological park. Meanwhile, service facilities such as family hotel and restaurant are equipped to provide a friendly and convenient art community to children and their families. In addition, 798 holds children’s art festival and global art education forum every two years, with the aim of connecting global aesthetic education resources, jointly exploring children’s education methods, and forming a platform for cooperation and advocacy to build a new model for the future