798 “Mitsuji Kamata Solo Exibition” Should be on Everyone’s Cool List

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Image Courtesy: SUM ART Museum, 798 Tour

Mitsuji Kamata’s solo exhibition opens at SUM ART Museum in 798. “Steampunk·Core-Heart Rally Champions” welcomes a number of toy riders with their vehicles across the sea, the land and the sky. This exhibition surely showcases Mitsuji Kamata creative fantasy.

Selected Works from Mitsuji Kamata’s Solo Exhibition


Steampunk Bike Lovely Molly


Villainy Threesome


Steampunk Unicorn


Polar Bear & Penguin Motorcycle Trip


Flying Bird & Cat

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Steampunk Bad Rabbit Racer

On Site At Mitsuji Kamata’s Solo Exhibition


About Mitsuji Kamata

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Mitsuji Kamata is an expert for steampunk aesthetics. He creates human-animal characters that rides on steampunk machines in Baroque and Rococo costumes. Among the world, Mitsuji Kamata is truly unique for his skills in sculpting characters and his style of mix-and-match.

The exhibition runs till August 30th.