Wood Gifts and Nordic Furniture from “NESTING”

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Image Courtesy: NESTING

The physical store of “NESTING” opens in 798 in 2019. “NESTING” has been a home for wood furniture for 17 years. The physical store displays a range of products including wood furniture, kitchen utensils and creative gifts made by 100% true wood of FAS standard. The products are glazed in wax oil or water paint, both environmental-friendly.

The wood gifts are meaningful objects that are also lovely in character. They will becomes more and more charitable as time goes. “NESTING” wood gifts are not only fun toys but also practical utility objects.


Danish Hanging Arm Monkey

Hedgehog Penholder

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Chinese Zodiac Baby Tooth Box

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Snail Clock

Wood Furniture

“NESTING” offers over a hundred designs of Nordic wood furniture and is open for custom-made projects. Our designers are available to measure your house on site and delivers custom furniture plans. In our physical stores showcases furniture made of white oak, black walnut and cherry wood.

White oak is firm, steady and corrosion-resistant. Its natural wood pattern is a long-lasting aesthetic. White oak is a material that is widely used in the West, including the office table in the White House.

Black walnut takes 50 years to mature.It is one of the most valuable wood material, ranked just after rosewood. Black walnut is usually used in high-end furniture, interiors of luxury car and yacht. It has an elegant and delicate surface pattern.


Cherry wood is soft and fine, almost like delicate fabrics. It has a fluid and graceful pattern. Cherry wood is also one of the most steady kinds of wood.


White Oak Extendable Table


Nordic Side Cabinet


Black Walnut Couch Frame

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Black Walnut Vanity
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Black Walnut Kitchen Table