A Dalí Exhibition in 798

In July 24th 2020, “Salvador Dalí: Memories of Surrealism” opened in 798 Art Bridge Gallery. The exhibition showcases three groups of works from Salvador Dalí, the icon of Surrealism from the twentieth-century Spain. The works are accompanied by installations and videos to offer the visitors a comprehensive experience into Dalí’s work and life.

Dalí: Memories of Surrealism

In 1971, two publishers from New York commissioned Dalí for a series of prints about his memories of Surrealism.

During the time, Dalí’s practice was in line with Surrealism movement, which pushed his works to one after another achievement. In his whole life Dalí was devoted to the thinking and inspiration about Surrealism as he also said: “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”


Dalí: After 50 Years of Surrealism

In 1974, New York publisher Alex Rosenberg commissioned Dalí for a series of work for the 50th anniversary of the birth of Surrealism. This series of work includes the original color etchings with curious titles given by Dalí himself, possibly according to his deep and real experience with Surrealism.


Dalí: Goya’s “Los Caprichos”

Dalí’s “Le Caprices de Goya” is a great example of his practice after a master. He published this collection of 80 prints in 1977. It is a series of prints after “Los Caprichos” 表演Goya, the greatest artist from the eighteenth-century Spain. Dalí reinterpreted Goya’s work and added his own touch with new titles.


From the Openings


Greetings from Bernardino Regazzon, the Swiss Ambassador to China


Artist Zhang Xiaogang (2nd left), Curator and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres recipient Cheng Xindong (2nd right)


Founder of ArtDepot Serena Zhao (left), Artist Zhanwang (right)


Artist Cai Jin

The exhibition runs till October 25th.