Just Released, from the Elegant Assembly of the Young Three Kingdoms: Comic Strip “Little Zhang Fei”

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Image Courtesy: The Young Three Kingdoms

The Elegant Assembly of the Young Three Kingdoms locates at 798 Middle 2nd Street. Here they have the comic strip version of “The Young Three Kingdoms” and a range of related products.


Recently, The Elegant Assembly of the Young Three Kingdoms has released their latest comic strip book “Little Zhang Fei”, which will hit the shelf around the 20th. This series of books is rich in knowledge on the traditional culture in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. In the meanwhile, it illustrates the stories from a kid’s point of view, fun to read and down to earth. It illustrates the life of Zhang Fei, known as one of the “the Five Tiger Generals” in the Early Three Kingdom period. The story starts from his younger age when he is busy getting into trouble when playing with knives and gears. After a series of adventure, he became a responsible teenager with the best martial skills and the greatest ambition for the country and the people. It is a coming-of-age story that witnesses Zhang Fei’s growth path from a self-centered kid to an intelligent, disciplined and strong man. The books are consisted of 800 ink painting that pictures the spirit of “the greatest hero is one who cares for his own country and the people” as well as a deep love for one’s homeland.

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As a prequel series of the “The Young Three Kingdoms”, which sales more than 3 million, this latest series is created by the same team for another ambitious and encouraging piece with the most amazing Eastern mystery vibe. The text are written by Daddy Yuanbao and the images are painted by Mingqiang, who now paints under the name Boguan. The readers will be able to tell that the team as grown much with the stories. If a book also has a meridian system, this one sure flows with great energy via the ink painting and the dramatic story.

Listen, with a roar on the Dang Yang Bridge Zhang Fei appears. Look, a hero who scares off Cao Cao’s one-million-soldier team!

640.webp (5).jpgHand-painted Ink Painting on Chinese Rice Paper

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Introducing the Characters