Just Open: 30㎡ Alternative Space “SENSE SPACE”



graduated from CAFA History of Art

has curated over 30 exhibitions, art fairs and museum collaborations worldwide

founder & director of SENSE SPACE

798 Tour: What made you decide to open an alternative space in an old building here at ceramics first street in 798 Art Zone?

Liu Bo: A major factor was the budget. If we round up the rent, the interior design fee, daily operation cost, exhibition cost and art fair fees, it costs a lot to open a physical space; plus we are not currently sponsored by other organizations or individuals. We need to be sensible on the location and the scale of the space. It’s actually quite common for an art space to dwell inside a building, a small jewel. You can see many examples like this in other countries. I think 30 square-meter is a good size for us now. The space is kind of similar to a cubicle in an art fair. We are comfortable with it in terms of how to curate and present an exhibition here. The size is also friendly to especially emerging artists to realize their solo project. In a space just enough, things tend to germinate with great energy and diversity. The quality of an exhibition is not necessarily dependent on the scale of the physical space. The funny thing is, “SENSE SPACE”, 30 square-meter, 30 years old, we are living in our coincidence here.



798 Tour: “Even If, Even Though: 1.0 Despite Myself, This Sentient Body” will last for three months, opening into three stages. What are the themes?

Liu Bo: The entire exhibition opens from June 27th to September 20th. “1.0 Despite Myself, This Sentient Body” opens on June 27th. “2.0: For The X in My Heart” will start from July 25th and “3.0: Art from Happenings, Us from Creation” will begin on August 22nd. The three stages will present a variety of artists and take their works as the clue of our narrative. The “body” is a sentiment one as well as the foundation of culture, politics and the society. As for the “body” of one creative individual, it is a sentiment-related question of “what to do and how to do”. The ethic of creation only comes later. I guess it feels more urgent to think about how to motivate ourselves towards the unknown than to ponder over the meaning of such action.

即使如此。现场图3.JPG“即使如此。:1.0此身有“EVEN IF EVEN THOUGH. :1.0 DESPITE MYSELF, THIS SENTIENT BODY.” Exhibition view

798 Tour: There are five artists who participate in “Even If, Even Though: 1.0 Despite Myself, This Sentient Body”. Could you briefly talk about how were they selected?

Liu Bo: The five artists Liu Fujie, Tang Chenxin, Wang Yuyan, Zheng Le and Johann NÖLHES are indeed different in their creative language and medium. But their work are all great examples to examine out idea: “from the current historical standpoint and a dis-utopian context, artists strive to uncover the precious sensibility underneath and break the cage of quotidian expression through continuously shaking its structure”. I believe the exhibition will speak for itself, and better than I do. So I sincerely invite all to come to our 30 square-meter alternative space “SENSE SPACE” and enjoy “Even If, Even Though”.

Johann-岩下之眼 Mon rocher sur mon oeil 数码绘画 尺寸可变 2019.jpg

Johann NÖLHES - Mon rocher sur mon oeil, Digital painting, Variable size, 2019

唐辰鑫-多摩川公园010 艺术微喷 45x60cm 2019.jpg

TANG Chenxin - TamagawadaiKōen010,  Giclee print, 45x60cm, 2019

刘符洁-肖像的提示  毛毡,铁,皮革 60x50x230cm 2020.JPG

LIU Fujie - Hints for Portraits, Felt, iron, leather, 60x50x230cm, 2020

王裕言-The devil in the details 影像 尺寸可变 4‘13“ 2018.png

WANG Yuyan - The devil in the details, Video, Variable size, 4’13”, 2018

郑乐-孪生 装置(监视器、电磁铁、短绒苔藓、网站) 尺寸可变 2020.jpg

ZHENG Le - Twin, Device (monitor, electromagnet, short mosses, website) Variable size, 2020