798 Art Zone – 2019 Ten Highlights

Over the last 18 years, starting at zero to its current status, the 798 Art Zone has become a globally influential art hub. In 2019, more than 9.55 million visitors came to 798, hosting more than 3000 art exhibitions and commercial brand events. In order to improve the visitors’ experience in the area, we continue to support art practices, ameliorate our accommodations and services to promote the development of the industry’s ecology. On the occasion of Chinese New Year, I would like to thank you for your continuous attention and support for 798, and wish everyone an abundance of fortune, prosperity and luck for the year of the Rat.

——Wang Yanling, the founder of 798 Art Zone Cultural Industry

 798 Art Zone – 2019 Ten Highlights 

1. 798 Celebration of the National Day exhibition series opened – A retrospective of the 798 Art Zone’s development from different parameters


2. Former Prime Minister of France, Dominique de Villepin visited 798 Art Zone

3. Prime Minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurz visited 798 Art Zone


4. GALLERY WEEKEND BEIJING – Presented the most cutting-edge contemporary art to the world

5. BEIJING ART SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL – Established a platform for artistic dialogue between China and the West and explored current subjects in the contemporary art discourse to stimulate and guide the general public’s interest and understanding about art

6. Musée national Picasso- Paris,  Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti - Paris, and Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co., LTD. achieved an exclusive five-year China-France cultural exchange project, the name of this project is 798CUBE

7. INTERNATIONAL CERAMIC ART AWARD works exhibition was held in 798 Art Zone

8. The founder of 798 Art Zone Cultural Industry, Wang Yanling, served as a curator and editor for the publication, The Geometry of Imagery, a volume chronicles Huang Zhiyang’s three decades of artistic practice on the geometric imagery in the context of Chinese and Western cultures

9. 798 Art Night – Cultural landmark met with nocturnal commerce in promoting consumption through art

10. Street expansions and environmental renewals to bring new energy to the area