50-Year Old State-Owned Factory Turns Into Trendy Art Zone

The story behind the buildings


This is quite "dramatic", all the workers at the 718 United Plant did not know that the buildings here were Bauhaus style.

When the 798 Art District was just completed, the famous architect Zaha Hadid came to see the exhibition. Unexpectedly, she found that this is the only complete Bauhaus-style industrial building group in the world. She was so excited that she lingered for an extra afternoon.

This lifetime: 798 is a symbol of art utopian


Picture: There are many "historical" sculptures in 798 today.

The evolution of the 718 Factory into today's 798 Art District is a somewhat lengthy process.

At its most brilliant time, the 718 factory was painted with a strong legendary color; it did indeed experience a difficult shutdown and rectification during the Great Leap Forward; until the 1980s, this once-fabulous factory became a "retired building".

Rebirth of the 718 Factory


Ingeniously, near the 718 United Factory, there is a well-known Central Academy of Fine Arts. Today many outstanding Chinese artists come from here. After graduation, they leased the factory as an art creation studio, and the abandoned factory slowly became active. .

Since 2005, Chinese contemporary art has received more and more attention, and the contemporary art industry has flourished. The UCCA and the Tang Contemporary Art have been established here. During the 2008 Olympic Games, the world began to walk into this window of Chinese art and culture-the 798 Art District.