798 Recommended Exhibitions | Issue 2


Image courtesy:Ginkgo Space、HdM Gallery、CLC Gallery Venture、Hive Center for Contemporary Art

Zhang Fan: The Momentum and The Matter

Ginkgo Space / Beijing

2020 / 8 / 8 - 9 / 16

Installation View of "Wang Qingsong: On the Field of Hope" at Tang Contemporary

Zhang Fan's abstract paintings embody a transformation of the concept and spirit of traditional Chinese art, in which writing is an essential element of his work. After many practices, Zhang Fan captures the rhythm, texture, and emotion of the painting process in a single breath, and the heavy workload is placed outside of the picture, making the work a perfect action.“The Momentum and the Matter" mainly presents his new works from recent years. The three series of works on paper, namely, After the Masters, On the Essence, and Ambitions Beyond, deconstruct and analyze the characteristics of his paintings in different stages through the use of dense, crisp, and uniform colors and various types of brushstrokes. The expressive dots and the rich and delicate texture of the brushstrokes hint at the direction of the artist's recent thinking and practice.

Christopher Orr

HdM Gallery / Beijing

2020 / 7 / 18 - 8 / 15

Installation View of "Christopher Orr" at HdM Gallery

Christopher Orr's paintings exude a delicate and classical temperament. The rendered atmosphere always reminds us of paintings from the Rococo era, and the application of brushwork techniques inherits the apparent essence of the practice from his predecessor, Turner. At the same time, the painter injects an intense humanistic atmosphere and poetic nostalgia into the ambiguous pictorial narrative.In HdM Gallery's eponymous solo exhibition, the artist's meticulously constructs images that are not only vaguely related to but detached from the temporal and spatial realities, as if connecting to a dramatic and inaccessible world, leading the viewer's mind into a romantic utopian imagination.


Story and Feed - Zhang Shujian's Recent Works

CLC Gallery Venture / Beijing

2020 / 7 / 18 - 8 / 23

Installation View of "Story and Feed - Zhang Shujian's Recent Works" at CLC Gallery Venture

Zhang Shujian's realistic paintings show the artist's preference and confidence in this mode of expression. In his portrait-based paintings, it is clear that the specificity of identity is not the main focus. Rather, it is the complexity of the human body, the emphasis on skin texture, and the attempt to capture an unadulterated reality.The exhibition presents recent works by the artist. The partial framing of the human figure reinforces the characteristics of his paintings. These pocket-book sized paintings demand the viewer to stand at intimate proximity, and the microscopic details revealed from them add to a sense of privacy to the paintings.

The Salvation of Shahrazad: Memo of the New Generation Painting

Hive Center for Contemporary Art / Beijing

2020 / 7 / 18 - 8 / 19

Installation View of "The Salvation of Shahrazad: Memo of the New Generation Painting" at Hive Center for Contemporary Art

This exhibition focuses on the works of eight artists born in the post-80s era and whose primary medium is painting. Presented either as figuration or abstraction, they encompass curiosity of reality, classical reconstruction, material restoration, and spatial expression. The curator considers the exploration of the ontological language as a prominent characteristic of the post-80s artists. From his observations, he presents these selected samples to demonstrate the diversity of this generation of painters’ artistic path.