Timezone8 restaurant & Bar
Average Cost Per Person:¥78
Address:798艺术区4号街尤伦斯艺术中心对面 Consult A Map
Business Hours:09:00-01:00
Brief:Timezone 8 is Beijing's first and only Dual-Concept restaurant, with Japanese and Western dishes created and made fresh daily by two completely separate kitchens and kitchen staff, prepared by experienced chefs from award winning restaurants. Unlike other restaurants that serve many cuisines from one kitchen, Timezone 8 has two separate supply chains, kitchens, menus and chef teams, all under one roof, serving one customer. This year, Timezone 8 is proud to introduce our specially selected, chef-crafted new Spring/Summer menu. We’re proud of our dual-concept cuisine, and have introduced new drinks to bring out the best in our unique and dynamic flavor combinations. Since 2011, Timezone has been all about bringing people together. We love being a place where locals and tourists and the art world can meet and interact; where regular customers find a home away from home; and where lifelong friendships are made. The same is true with our food and drinks. We believe the best wines, beers and cocktails can enhance the food. we proudly serve, and encourage our chefs and bartenders to work together, in unison, to craft the perfect combinations. Because that’s what it’s all about for us in this business; bringing ideas, flavors, and people together.