CLC Gallery Venture
Address:E02, Qixing East Street, 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing Consult A Map
Business Hours:11:00-18:00
Brief:CLC Gallery Venture is established in 2019 in Beijing 798 Art District. The venture is the result of a partnership of three galleries, C5Art, C-Space and Space Local. The three partners shared interests and determination in promoting emerging artists. CLC Gallery Venture has a 133 square meter exhibition space in the 798 Art District in Beijing and across the street from it, a 20 square meter experimental project space named C5CNM. The program of CLC Gallery Venture focus on promoting a group of the most exciting emerging Chinese artists working within a range of different media. The gallery intends to support its artists at their early stages of development through exhibitions both at and outside the gallery as well as help them to promote their work in an international context. To achieve this CLC Gallery Venture will support them with projects in and outside China and on occasion invite artists from abroad to do projects in Beijing.