Qiuguo hotel (Beijing 798 art district store)
Average Cost Per Person:¥480
Address:3rd floor, building 24, no.2 jiuxianqiao road, chaoyang district, Beijing (north factory of state-owned no.706 factory) Consult A Map
Business Hours:00:00-00:00
Brief:Qiuguo hotel (Beijing wangjing 798 art district store) is located in Beijing 798 art park, adjacent to wangjing business district, airport expressway and jiuxianqiao electronic industrial park close at hand, with convenient transportation. Exquisite humanistic landscape architecture for the cement forest to add a beautiful scenery, different themes of the boutique rooms quiet and comfortable; The tea bar is quiet; Autumn fruit if the bustling city xanadu, let you relax, comfortable. Vitamin filling station, supplement nutrition at any time; More than 200 patents in the United States black technology deep cleaning system, to ensure that any corner of the room clean; Zero second check out free deposit, so that the accommodation is simple and fast; Free late night warm stomach porridge, soothe late night drowsiness, ease the mood to sleep; A variety of sleep pillows allow you to enjoy quality sleep with soothing music. Five kinds of drinks, unlimited supply; The breeze is faint, the tea fragrance is dim, feel the joy of tasting tea at any time; Independent audio and video room, equipped with large screen, projection, audio equipment, audio and video enjoyment. Sincere, friendly, simple people look forward to making friends with you! A natural, healthy and spontaneous lifestyle is looking forward to your participation, creation and sharing!