Average Cost Per Person:¥50
Address:No. D06, Second Street,798 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Consult A Map
Business Hours:10:10-10:10
Brief:November restaurant is a collection of creative dishes Hakka cuisine A specialty restaurant with a drink The hotel is located in Beijing's bustling 798 art district, according to star standards Decoration construction, elegant environment, superior geographical location, more than 300 square meters of business Area, suitable for family and friends parties, business negotiations, team meetings, birthday parties, via Classic Hunan cuisine, health Cantonese cuisine, warm and considerate humanized service, elegant and comfortable The environment is your banquet, relaxed, romantic, the best place to taste food. Fish Water Ring Around, the culture contains, lets you enjoy the food at the same time can get the edification of the body and mind. The company broke the traditional concept, publicity personality, processing unique connotations, hand in hand Cooking pure private Chinese cuisine, a never-ending feast, etc. Waiting for your visit. As modern people demand more from the catering industry, the courtyard is bound to be elegant will become the characteristic enjoyment of modern dining. November will also become the 798 Arts District Council Place of choice for delivery, business communication and negotiation, dining, leisure and entertainment, and study. Whenever night falls and the lights are on at the beginning, the bright lights of the month of November, The charming scenery will make you feel the warmth of home. Let Sincerity From November Start, Let satisfaction and laughter come from here Start off and make the November restaurant your real home!