798 ICI LABAS Art Stack
Address:D10# 798 East Street Consult A Map
Business Hours:10:30-18:30
Brief:The Art Stack located in 798 East Street is a new cultural and artistic business under the banner of Beijing (France) Medofen Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. It adds a new atmosphere to the park, provides a new world for artists, and builds a new platform for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. The Art Stack will uphold the concept of integrating the East and the West, encouraging innovation, setting up platforms and serving the public, so that the East and the West cultures can communicate here, young artists can display their talents here, the general public can enjoy art here, and Chinese excellent culture can move from here to the world. Main Activities of Art Stack: -Art Exhibition The art stack will provide 210 square meters of exhibition space for artists and accept applications from Chinese and foreign artists. The creation of young artists is especially encouraged and corresponding help is provided. -Cultural Forum During the opening period of the art stack, various seminars and reports will be held regularly or irregularly. Famous art critics and theorists will be invited to give lectures and hold discussions. Art lovers are welcome to participate. -exchange activities In order to promote the development of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the art stack will also undertake and hold various cultural exchange activities, actively participate in the construction of the national "the belt and road initiative" and tell Chinese stories in artistic language. We hope it can bring us beautiful feelings and blessings and share the freshness and happiness of art.